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EM -XM Moisture Analyzer

EM -XM Moisture Analyzer

Halogen lamp moisture analyzer

Complies with directive 2004/42 / EC on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds.

  • Halogen, Infrared.
  • Temperature range 30-250ºC.
  • Integrated balance (124g/1mg, 310g/1mg, 124g/1mg).
  • Interface RS232, PC and printer.
  • VFD Display and 10 key Keyboard (XM-120-60/XM-310-66).
  • Back-lit graphic LCD and touch screen (XM-120T).
  • Anti theft code.
  • Memory XM-120-60/XM-310-66 for 20 articles, XM-120T for 50 articles.
  • Supplied with 30 aluminum dishes.

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ModelPNCapacityResolutionReadability (d)Pan size
EM 120-HR365-9245124 g0,001 %0,1 mgø 100 mm
XM 310-66330-9329B310 g0,01 %0,001 gø 100 mm
XM 124-60330-9324B124 g0,01 %0,001 gø 100 mm
XM 50335-936052 g0,01 %0,001 gø 100 mm