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CB Complet Balance

CB Complet Balance

Indicated for business transactions (Directive 90/384 / EEC) for pharmacies and jewelers

  • New monosensor weighing system.
  • Fast response and high stability.
  • RS232C serial interface.
  • Payload indicator bar.
  • Large LCD display with 16mm high numbers.
  • Verifiable M

Additional information


• Special brush for scales
• Taring plate, stainless steel. Ø 80 mm. Weight approx. 26 g
• Class I verification

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ModelReference num.CapacityPrecision (d)Pan sizeCalibrationVerification
C 1200 CBC200-200161.200 g0,01 g172×142 mmExternalM
C 2200 CBC200-200182.200 g0,01 g180×160 mmExternalM
CI 2200 CBC200-200232.200 g0,01 g180×160 mmInternalM
C 3200 CBC200-200283.200 g0,01 g180×160 mmExternalM
CI 3200 CBC200-200293.200 g0,01 g180×160 mmInternalM
C 4200 CBC200-200194.200 g0,01 g180×160 mmExternalM
CI 4200 CBC200-200244.200 g0,01 g180×160 mmInternalM
C 6200 CBC*200-200206.200 g0,01 g180×160 mmExternalM
D 8200 CBC200-200218.200 g0,1 g180×160 mmExternalM
D 12KCBC200-2002212.000 g0,1 g180×160 mmExternalM
*Verification M Class I
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