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CB Standard Balance

CB Standard Balance

Indicated for business transactions (Directive 90/384 / EEC) for pharmacies and jewelers

  • New monosensor weighing system.
  • Fast response and high stability.
  • ayload indicator bar.
  • Verifiable M

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• RS232C output
• Relay Contact
• Heavy hydrostatic hook
• Rechargeable battery (C-220, C-420 and C-620)
• Rechargeable battery
• Dot matrix printer
• Calibration weight
• Stainless steel grippers
• Stainless steel pliers, plastic tips

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ModelReference num.CapacityPrecision (d)Pan sizeCalibrationVerification
C 220CBS200-20300220 g0,01 gø 140 mmExternalM
C 420CBS200-20301420 g0,01 gø 140 mmExternalM
C 620CBS200-20302620 g0,01 gø 140 mmExternalM
D 1200CBS200-203031.200 g0,1 g172×142 mmExternalM
D 2200CBS200-203042.200 g0,1 g180×160 mmExternalM
D 4200CBS200-203054.200 g0,1 g180×160 mmExternalM
D 6200CBS200-203066.200 g0,1 g180×160 mmExternalM
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