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CBK IP-65 Waterproof Balance

CBK IP-65 Waterproof Balance

High resolution, quality and endurance industrial scale (1 / 330,000d.)

  • Fully stainless steel with IP-65 protection.
  • Automatic internal calibration.
  • RS232C, ISO / GLP / GHP output. Includes calendar function and clock.
  • Hydrostatic weighing under the balance. (5 positions) Checkweighing.
  • Fluorescent display.
  • VerifiableM
  • IP-65

Additional information


• Rechargeable battery
• Buzzer out put
• Relay Contacts
• RS-422A
• Heavy hydrostatic hook
• Head extension cable 5m
• Head extension cable 10m
• Dot matrix printer
• Printer with CSP-160 statistics
• Viewer with raised column

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ModelReference num.CapacidadPrecision (d)CalibrationPan sizeVerification
D-17CBKI200-2035017.000 g0,1 gInternal400×350 mmM
D-22CBKI200-2035122.000 g0,1 gInternal400×350 mmM
D-33CBKI200-2035233.000 g0,1 gInternal400×350 mmM
DG-62CBKI200-203536.200/62.000 g0,1/1 gInternal400×350 mmM
D-17CBKE200-2036017.000 g0,1 gExternal400×350 mmM
D-22CBKE200-2036122.000 g0,1 gExternal400×350 mmM
D-33CBKE200-2036233.000 g0,1 gExternal400×350 mmM
DG-62CBKE200-203636.200/62.000 g0,1/1 gExternal400×350 mmM

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