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CS Lab Balance

CS Lab Balance

Desde 133,00 

Comprehensive range of economical and accurate balances


  • Fast response and high stability.
  • Glazed showcase as standard on CS-M models.
  • RS232C Interface on CS-M models.
  • Different units of weight: g., Ct.lb and ozt.
  • Overload protection.
  • Parts counting and check weighing function.
  • Super bright display.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery in CSB models.

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ModelCapacityPrecision (d)Pan size
CS 100M100 g0.001 gø 100 mm
CS 200M220 g0.001 gø 100 mm
CS 300M300 g0.001 gø 100 mm
CSB 300C300 g0.01 g140×190 mm
CSB 600C600 g0.01 g140×190 mm
CSB 1000C1.000 g0.01 g140×190 mm
CSB 2000C2.000 g0.01 g140×190 mm
CSB 1000D1.000 g0.1 g140×190 mm
CSB 2000D2.000 g0.1 g140×190 mm
CSB 3000D3.000 g0.1 g140×190 mm
CSB 6000D6.000 g0.1 g140×190 mm

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