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FZ-I / FZ-IWP Balance

FZ-I / FZ-IWP Balance

The best scales IP-65 with protection against dust and water and verifiable

  • Automatic internal calibration.
  • Super SHS hybrid sensor.
  • Stabilization in one second.
  • Statistical calculation function.
  • Several units of weight: g, oz, lb, ozt, ct, dwt, pcs,%, MLT …
  • Serial RS232C interface
  • Option (FXi-02) Fast USB interface.
  • Verifiable M
  • IP-65 waterproof.

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• CE verification (FZ)
• Fast USB Interface (FZi-OP-02)
• LAN Ethernet Output (FZi-OP-08)
• Built-in rechargeable battery (FZi-OP-09)
• Small non-WP windbreaker (FZi-OP-10)
• Small WP windbreaker (FZi-WP-10)
• Large windscreen in WP (FZi-OP-11)
• Large Windscreen WP (FZi-WP-11)
• RS232C waterproof cable 5m (9pin-9pin)

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ModelCapacityPrecision (d)Pan sizeCalibration
FZ-120/FZ-120WP122 g0,001 gø 130 mmInternal
FZ-200/FZ- 200WP220 g0,001 gø 130 mmInternal
FZ-300/FZ-300WP320 g0,001 gø 130 mmInternal
FZ-500520 g0,001 gø 130 mmInternal
FZ-1200/FZ-1200WP1220 g0,01 gø 150 mmInternal
FZ-2000/FZ-2000WP2200 g0,01 gø 150 mmInternal
FZ-3000/FZ-3000WP3200 g0,01 gø 150 mmInternal
FZ-50005200 g0,01 gø 150 mmInterna

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