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INS 100 Balance

INS 100 Balance

Compact trade balance

  • Weight scale compact design.
  • To power and with internal rechargeable battery.
  • Heavy accumulation function (Different prices and items can be added to the same customer).
  • Memory function (tare and unit price are stored until a new value is entered).
  • P: Preset / PLU. • DE: High display.
  • Verifiable M Class II and III.

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ModelCapacityPrecision (d)Pan sizeVerification
INS-1515 kg5 g220×295 mmM
INS-15-P15 kg5 g220×295 mmM
INS-15-DE15 kg5 g220×295 mmM
INS-15-P-DE15 kg5 g220×295 mmM
INS-3030 kg10 g220×295 mmM
INS-30-P30 kg10 g220×295 mmM
INS-30-DE30 kg10 g220×295 mmM
INS-30-P-DE30 kg10 g220×295 mmM
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