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LS 321 Balance

LS 321 Balance

Highly reliable precision balance

Its fluorescent vacuum display and its variety of programs make the 321 series a versatile balance and high performance.

  • Output RS232C serial interface for PC or printer.
  • USB Output
  • Different units of weight.
  • IQ / OQ / PQ support
  • Anti-theft protection.
  • Parts counting function, percentage%
  • Weighing function of live animals.
  • Hook for hydrostatic weighing under the scale.
  • Determination of density.
  • Program: Net / Total and dosage.
  • Optional internal calibration

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• Optional internal calibration

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ModelCapacityPrecision (d)Pan sizeCalibration
LS-160M160 g1 mg (0,001 g)135×135 mmInternal
LS-320M320 g1 mg (0,001 g)135×135 mmInternal
LS-620M620 g1 mg (0,001 g)135×135 mmInternal
LS-920M920 g1 mg (0,001 g)135×135 mmInternal
LS-1220M1.220 g1 mg (0,001 g)135×135 mmInternal
LS-320C320 g0,01 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-620C620 g0,01 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-1200C1.200 g0,01 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-2200C2.200 g0,01 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-3200C3.200 g0,01 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-4200C4.200 g0,01 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-6200C6.200 g0,01 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-6200C SB6.200 g0,01 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-3200D3.200 g0,1 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-6200D6.200 g0,1 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-10200D10.200 g0,1 g200×200 mmInternal
LS-10200G10.200 g1 g200×200 mmInternal
LS models with internal calibration are verifiable M

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