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UW Balance

UW Balance

Precision balance with new Unibloc technology

Incomparable in price/quality.

  • Calibration reports for GLP / GMP / ISO standards.
  • Internal and automatic calibration when detecting changes in ambient temperature.
  • Internal calibration with programmable clock.
  • Hydrostatic weighing and low balance.
  • Account pieces and other units of weight mg., Ct., …
  • Windows Direct without additional software.
  • Backlit display.
  • RS232C serial interface.
  • Rugged metal case.
  • Verifiable M

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• EP-80 printer (Dot matrix)
• Specific Gravity Density Kit for Solids SMK-101/102
• Extra liquid container kit for SMK-101

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ModelReference num.CapacityPrecision (d)Pan sizeCalibrationVerification
UW 220H321-62352-11220 g0,001 g108×105 mmInternalM
UW 420H321-62352-12420 g0,001 g108×105 mmInternalM
UW 620H*321-62352-13620 g0,001 g108×105 mmInternalM
UW 820H321-62352-41820 g0,001 g108×105 mmInternal
UW 1020H321-62352-421020 g0,001 g108×105 mmInternal
UW 2200H321-62352-162200 g0,01 g170×180 mmInternalM
UW 4200H321-62352-174200 g0,01 g170×180 mmInternalM
UW 6200H*321-62352-186200 g0,01 g170×180 mmInternalM
UW 820S321-62352-05820 g0,01 g108×105 mmInternalM
UW 8200S321-62352-108200 g0,1 g170×180 mmInternalM

*Clase I VerificationM

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