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Ultrasound Baths AL04

Ultrasound Baths AL04

Reliable and easy to use for the best cleaning in any laboratory

  • High performance system by means of a sandwich type transducer.
  • Stainless steel housing for hygienic cleaning.
  • Effective degassing of detergent liquid and for special applications in the laboratory.
  • Rapid drainage in bathrooms 5.75L / 12.75L / 28L.
  • Heating for rapid drying from + 30ºC to 80ºC, temperature controlled.
  • The cleaning process starts automatically when it has the preselected temperature.
  • The cleaning fluid rotates regularly during the process.
  • Digital indicator of the remaining cleaning time.
  • Splash-proof panel.
  • Automatic shutdown 12h after not using it.
  • Available with and without heating.
  • Availability of lids and baskets.

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Modelos con calefacciónAL04-02-230AL04-04-230AL04-06-230AL04-12-230AL04-30-230
Capacidad0,8 l2,75 l5,75 l12,75 l28 l
Med. int mm.190×85/60240×137/100300×151/150300×240/300505×300/200
Potencia/Potencia max.25W./200W.80W./320W.50W./600W.200W./800W.300W./1.200W.
Frecuencia38 kHz38 kHz38 kHz38 kHz38 kHz
Temperatura baño30ºC – 80ºC30ºC – 80ºC30ºC – 80ºC30ºC – 80ºC30ºC – 80ºC
Tensión230V 50/60Hz230V 50/60Hz230V 50/60Hz230V 50/60Hz230V 50/60Hz
Dimensiones mm 206x106x178300x179x214365x186x264365x278x321568x340x321
MaterialAcero inox.Acero inox.Acero inox.Acero inox.Acero inox.
Peso2 Kg3,3 Kg5,1 Kg7,5 Kg11 Kg
Modelos sin calefacciónAL04-01-230AL04-03-230
Capacidad0,8 l2,75 l
Med. int mm.190×85/60240×137/100
Potencia/Potencia max.25W./200W.80W./320W.
Frecuencia37 kHz37 kHz
Tensión230V 50/60Hz230V 50/60Hz
Dimensiones mm 206x116x178300x179x214
MaterialAcero inox.Acero inox.
Peso2 Kg3,3 Kg