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AD 4212C Weighing Module

AD 4212C Weighing Module

Fast precision weighing system

Ideal weighing sensor to place on the line of production.

  • High resolution and fast response in 0.5 seconds.
  • With dustproof and splashproof IP-65 protection.
  • Comparator output (Hi-Ok-Lo) manual or automatic function.
  • Digital data output to PLC or PC via RS 232C serial interface.
  • Mechanical overload protection.
  • Slim size (59mm) for installation in tight spaces.

Additional information


• AD-8922A. Stand-alone display and display.
• AD-8923-CC. Remote controller with DC interface.
• AD-8923-BCD. Remote controller with BCD interface.
• AD-1683. Static eliminator.

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ModeloCapacidadResolutionInox. plate
AD-4212C-300320 g0,001 g50×50 mm
AD-4212C-30151 g / 320 g0,0001 g / 0,00150×50 mm
AD-4212C-600620 g0,001 g50×50 mm
AD-4212C-30003.200 g0,01 g50×50 mm
AD-4212C-3100510 g / 3.200 g0,001 g / 0,01 g50×50 mm
AD-4212C-60006.200 g0,01 g50×50 mm